Custom Signage

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Custom Metal Signs, Wichita, KSManufacturing Custom Metal Signage

JR Custom specializes in manufacturing custom metal signs, including names/logos, address numbers, artwork, decor and more. We encourage you to learn more about custom signage options, view samples of our work, and request information or an order. 

Custom Signage Options

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    What We Can Do

    When JR Custom designs and fabricates custom signage, there are three options. Our team can:

    1. Create a 2D design with the entire logo or brand laser cut into a flat plate.
    2. Cut individual elements out as floating pieces.
    3. Create a 3D design by cutting each piece and assembling them together with multiple depths of field.

    Note: Hanging or final assembly is determined per project. JR Custom does not install or add lighting or other special features that are beyond the metal and powder coating services we provide. 

Sample Signage Gallery

Information/Order Request

If you would like to request information about our custom signage services or submit a custom signage request, please complete the form below. We will review your submission and be in contact as soon as possible.